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Early County 2055 Unveils New 'Dream Big' Super Truck

Blakely, GA – Early County 2055 has a new, lively team member – a 2007 Ford F 650 affectionately called "Dream Big". The super truck – a special gift from Charles and Catherine B. Rice of Atlanta - was recently unveiled at the Labor Day Celebration on Blakely Court Square.  It offers an opportunity to increase the visibility of Early County 2055 in the county and region – and maintain it.

"We thought that creating a traveling bill board, which we nicknamed "Dream Big", offers a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of the exciting Early County 2055 Economic Revitalization effort," said Charles Rice. "This beautiful truck will serve as a colorful reminder that Early County continues to move forward in its work to revitalize the area economically while preserving its history and culture. We want the folks in the county and region to know that we are moving forward with a successful plan of action".

According to Rice, 'Dream Big' was customized to be used to build awareness of Early County 2055 with county, regional and statewide residents.   "EC2055 is working to revitalize the economy and preserve the history in Early County", he said. "It is sharing the load, so to speak, to ensure success!"

The super truck will be used by Early County 2055 and church and civic organizations for community and sports events, local parades, charity functions, and large regional and statewide events. "EC2055 has a commitment to the Early County community and Southwest Georgia region.  "Dream Big" is ready to go and is available to partner with schools, churches, chambers of commerce and any other events that are happening in the area." said Rice. "Catherine and I were happy to provide the people in Early County with 'Dream Big". We are cultivating community together."