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We Believe in Arlington

We believe in Arlington. That is the first line in the vision statement of Arlington's Downtown Development Authority and the group is working hard to make all the city's citizens feel the same way. Currently, Arlington's DDA has several projects underway.

With grant funding from First State Bank of Arlington and the Arlington Development Corporation, a downtown facade improvement project is underway for 12 Arlington storefronts. The program provides matching funds to store owners for painting, structure repair and other improvements to building fronts.

A downtown renovation project is focusing on sidewalk improvement and streetscape in the downtown area and has side projects involving

clean-up and entryway signs. The DDA also hopes to secure funding to renovate the Arlington depot building as part of their plan of work.

Neighborhoods aren't being forgotten. Neighborhood Watch has met several times and is working to improve neighborhoods within the city. Several block captains have volunteered, but DDA members say more are needed. Through the block captains, neighborhoods can meet and develop idea lists for their particular neighborhoods.

In August, the DDA is featuring the community's first National Night Out community cookout and plans are already underway for the community's 75th May Day festival in 2007. Through these community events and other projects now underway the DDA hopes to rekindle community spirit and support in Arlington.

The group is also renovating the meeting room at city hall. With the city's assistance, damaged ceiling tiles and lights have been replaced, old floor tiles removed and storage rooms cleaned out. Volunteers are needed to help with installing chair rails, painting and installing new tile flooring.

The Arlington DDA meets the first Wednesday of each month at Arlington City Hall. For those who can't make the meeting, a call to 725-4276 will provide more information about the group and give callers an opportunity to volunteer for any of the many projects now underway in Arlington.

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