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Letter to the Editor: Our Future is Up to Us

Reflecting on Billy Flemings' July 12 "Mumbles" article, "Our Little Forgotten Town" and the subsequent letter from Mr. Norman Smith of Tampa last week, my response is a resounding, " is our turn!"

The first thing you think about when you drive through the back roads of Early County, Georgia is its natural beauty, simplicity of life, and tranquility. It is a charming, livable place with a rich history, a gentler way of life...and the possibility of an exciting future.

Like many places in rural America, Early County has felt the distress of a shifting economy that weakened its foundation. But, unlike most, Early County has received an opportunity to protect its valuable legacy and establish its economic future.

The vision began with the creation of 'Early County 2055' - an economic and community development plan funded by the Charles and Catherine B. Rice Foundation to Blakely and Early County. The mission of this initiative is to protect the area's historic and cultural origin and provide the opportunity for a prosperous future.

Early County's revitalization effort is underway and will be successful only if the community - one of the area's most valuable assets is excited and determined to succeed. They must come together, single-minded, working toward a common goal a vibrant place in which to live - not only for themselves, but for their children, and their grandchildren.

The plans are drawn, the process is in place, the community must move as one force to effect and to sustain the momentum for growth and change.

Yes, Early County CAN make history in Georgia. Yes, she CAN be an example of a great county committed to working together and taking action to create a vital and thriving place to visit, live, work and retire. Yes, Early County is in the middle of Albany, Dothan, Columbus, Bainbridge and Tallahassee and can become the hub of the area. And yes, the vision CAN become reality.

Early County's future... yes, it is up to us.

Lisa Collins Project Manager Early County 2055, LLC

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