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Multi Million Dollar Fuel and Energy Products Plant Breaks Ground in Blakely, Ga.

Blakely, GA – More than 100 guests, dignitaries, government officials and community members participated in the recent ground breaking ceremony of 2 Kings  Petroleum, LLC, a petroleum and biofuels distribution, production and mixing plant, in the Blakely Industrial Development Park.   Phase one of the project is a $10 million investment in the production of biodiesel fuel products. Phase 2 and 3 will include a fuel mixing facility and a distribution center amounting to an additional $15 million in capital investment.  

The program is one component of a comprehensive development plan called the Samaritan Initiative, a collaborative partnership between Blessings Ministries Community Development Corporation, Early County 2055 and the Blakely-Early County Development Authority.  The plan was initiated by the Blessings Ministries Community Development Corporation, a private 501(c)3 nonprofit faith-based agency, which created 2 Kings Petroleum, LLC, a minority Small Business Authority 8(a) company.

Fuel products Company Phoenix Petroleum, LLC has partnered with 2 Kings Petroleum to distribute motor fuel and energy products to private, local, state, and federal government markets.  The company expects to provide approximately 100 employment opportunities the first year and up to 200 jobs in two years of operation.  Projected sales are $75.9 million with a profit of $1.2 million in the first year.  

Ataollah Masoodzadehgan, the President of Phoenix Petroleum, said he is committed to making the plant a model for other companies interested in locating in Early County. "It is thrilling to be one of the anchor companies in the Samaritan Initiative.  Working with the Blessings Ministries and Early County 2055 has been very fulfilling and we are looking forward to a long and profitable relationship."  

Bishop Larry Abernathy, Sr., the President and CEO of Blessings Ministries, CDC, agreed.  "We are excited about this project. The groundbreaking of 2 Kings Petroleum signals the beginning of a demonstration program that Blessings Ministries has been working on with Phoenix Petroleum, Early County 2055, Inc. and the Blakely-Early County Development Authority for many months", he said.  "This is one of a number of interrelated industrial, business, and residential development projects targeted for Early County that will enhance the area's quality of life. We call this project the 'Samaritan Initiative' and 2 Kings is an integral part of our vision."

The initiative complements the overall mission of Early County 2055, an economic revitalization project and a long-term effort to protect the area's foundation and to build and maintain a prosperous economic future.  Initially, EC2055 was funded by the Atlanta-based Charles and Catherine B. Rice Foundation to support the revitalization, economic development and preservation of Blakely and Early County.  

Today the EC2055 revitalization effort is well underway, pursuing an aggressive Master Plan that will bring new and expanding companies to Early County, enhance the area's cultural amenities, develop affordable housing options for the community, and protect the natural and historical environment that makes Early County a desirable place the live and work.

Olin Thompson, the chairman of the Blakely-Early County Development Authority, said it was a 'bright day' for Early County.  "Phoenix Petroleum will be a great boost to the area. Like many places in rural America, Early County has been economically depressed for sometime," he said.  "We are all working hard to revitalize the economy here, and businesses are showing a lot of interest in our community. Phoenix Petroleum is leading the way and we are proud to have them here."  

"We are thrilled about this groundbreaking and proud that so many wonderful people witnessed the event," said Lisa Collins, the project manager of Early County 2055.  "2 Kings Petroleum is the first of a number of new businesses that will either relocate or expand in Early County.  By having Phoenix Petroleum team up with 2 Kings, we are well on our way to attaining sustainable, quality economic growth in the area.  That is definitely our goal."

Barton Rice, the executive director of Early County 2055, agrees.  "This is a very exciting event for the entire Early County community.  Everyone has worked very hard to make this economic revitalization project get traction and their efforts are paying off.  We welcome 2 Kings Petroleum to Early County and thank them for their support."

"We have US Congressman Sanford Bishop to thank for introducing Blessings Ministries to the Early County team," said Ms. Collins.  "He knew there would be synergy in this partnership and there certainly is."