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Plans for a Post Office " Article 5

This is the fifth in a series of articles about the visions developed for Early County during the recent charrette planning process held by Early County 2055.

There was talk several years ago about plans for a new post office for Blakely. Ideas were floated about possible locations, building design and possible uses for the present post office building. That talk turned out to be premature.

Discussion about Blakely's post office surfaced again during the charrette - the aging condition of the post office and the potentially crippling effects on downtown if a new facility was built on the bypass.

In response, designers at work in the charrette studio envisioned a unique solution that could effectively provide for a new facility in downtown, create expansion possibilities for First State Bank, and establish a new, vibrant plaza uniting the area. The idea involves the construction of a new post office on Liberty Street, where Busy Street terminates - one of the sites that were discussed before. The building would effectively have two public entry sides, one at the front and one on the side facing the existing post office. The area in between could then be redeveloped as a square or plaza where the adjacent buildings fronting on South Main Street could also adapt to provide frontage on the new space. The old post office would then be available, perhaps as expansion space for the neighboring bank.

It still may be a few years before Blakely has a new post office. But, when that time comes there is now a vision in place that will help insure that the post office will not only remain downtown, but help define its character.

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