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Letter to the Editor: Yeah for Early County

Dear editor,

What a whirlwind two weeks this has been for the citizens of Early County. From the economic opportunities weekend planning sessions the weekend of April 29-30 to this past week-long schedule of community meetings that included elected officials, commercial business owners, student leaders, transportation officials, health managers, housing advisors, educators and landowners - the Early County 2055 Revitalization Initiative has had a strong launch.

The kick off barbeque last Monday evening was a tremendous success with approximately 1500 people attending the presentations and enjoying a wonderful dinner on the square together.

All week long, county residents from every walk of life met and talked with the PlaceMakers planning and development advisory firm and shared their dreams, concerns, and needs. The local response to this extraordinary opportunity is unprecedented and I want to take this occasion to express my appreciation to the people of Early County.

Just six weeks ago, I came to Early County as project manager of the Early County 2055 project. In that short time I have met many wonderful people in the area and together we have taken part in history in the making.

A gift from the Charles and Catherine B. Rice Foundation is providing all of us with an opportunity to create a healthy business climate while enhancing the quality of life and sustaining the economic growth for the residents of the entire county. This is only the beginning and I am looking forward with great anticipation to working with everyone to make the plans unveiled at the final presentation this past Sunday a reality.

The success of the past two weeks is the result of an overwhelming team effort by the citizens of this county. This is the first step in a process that will map out ways to create a diversified economic structure and strategy for the future. We have had a glimpse of what can be accomplished if we continue to work together as a TEAM to make Early County 2055 a reality for ourselves, our children, our community and our future growth and prosperity.

Thank you for everything, citizens of Early County.

Lisa S. Collins

Project Manager Early County 2055 182 Court House Square

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