Regional Projects

Burl Tree Project

Burl Tree Project grew out of the discovery of a rare — and valuable — burl pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis) in Blakely has led to the production of a documentary about the tree and the history of the community during the tree’s estimated 150- year life span.

Burl is a rare genetic condition in trees that causes a beautiful irregular growth pattern that is special to wood artisans.

Renowned artist and burl expert Mark Lindquest, Quincy, Fla., is overseeing the project, funded by the Charles and Catherine B. Rice Foundation. The documentary is being filmed by Emmy Award winning Ken Browne Productions.

After the Burl Tree was cut, pieces were sent to a number of well-known wood carvers across the country. They will be commissioned to create beautiful art pieces out of the wood, which one-day will be displayed in a new Museum in Blakely, along with the fascinating story of the amazing Burl Tree.