Early County


Arlington is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative planning and a futuristic outlook. Its history began with the arrival of the Southern Railroad Company, today called the Norfolk-Southern Railroad. The town, the locals say, was created for, prospered and persevered because Franklin Lawrence Pepper, an area land owner and state legislator, who was instrumental in bringing the railroad through what was to become Arlington.

Arlington was later incorporated into a township in 1873 after the building of the first depot.

Arlington is working with Early County 2055 on a number of projects that were initiated by the local residents. A private grant is enabling the town to implement a comprehensive façade improvement program and downtown renovation project that will restore the sidewalks and streetscapes.

Arlington is home to the South Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority, “SGRITA”; one of the regions largest telecommunications providers. Arlington's Downtown Development Authority, Early County and the State of Georgia have been working together to expand internet service throughout the nearly 2,000 square miles of five counties –Baker, Calhoun, Early, Miller and Mitchell -- involved in the project. The project promises additional economic security to the area.