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Federal Government Facility

Early County has a relatively low proportion of Federal government (Excluding the Postal Service & Military) employment (0.8% versus 1.8% in the state and 1.6% nationwide). Many agency operations (especially administrative) are not dependent on close proximity to a major metropolitan area.

         • Underrepresentation of Federal employment
         • Economically disadvantaged population
         • Recent Federal government efforts to restructure activities
            for cost-savings
         • Future broadband availability
         • Low relative land costs

Industry Description
The Federal government operates a wide and varied range of activities across the nation, employing more than 1.8 million civilian employees. Roughly 9 out of 10 Federal employees work outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Numerous independent agencies perform tasks that fall between the jurisdictions of the executive departments are more efficiently executed by an autonomous agency. Although the majority of these agencies are fairly small, employing fewer than 1,000 workers, some are quite large. The largest independent Federal agencies are:

         • Social Security Administration: Operates various old age, survivor,
           and disability insurance programs.
         • National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Oversees aviation
           research and conducts exploration and research beyond the Earth's
         • Environmental Protection Agency: Runs programs to control and
           reduce pollution of the Nation's water, air, and lands.
         • General Services Administration: Manages and protects Federal
           Government property and records.
         • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Maintains stability of and
           public confidence in the Nation's financial system, by insuring deposits
           and promoting sound banking practices.

Federal Employment – Total U.S.
DescriptionEmploymentEstablishmentsAverage Annual Pay
Federal Government (excluding military)2,726,30063699$ 64,871
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2007