Existing Industry

Assistance for Georgia's Existing Industries

In addition to qualifying for all incentive programs for which new businesses qualify, existing Georgia firms can take advantage of several unique programs.

Existing Industry Job Tax Credit Bonus - Companies that have been doing business in Georgia for at least three years can claim an additional $500 tax credit for every net new job they add between 2006 and 2011.

Investment Tax Credits - Existing Georgia manufacturing or telecommunications companies that have operated a facility in Georgia for at least three years, and which make a minimum $50,000 additional qualified capital investment, may claim from 1 percent to 5 percent (depending on tier status) of the new investment as a tax credit. Higher credits (3 percent to 8 percent, depending on tier status) are available for investments in recycling or pollution control equipment and for defense plant manufacturing conversion to a new product. Taxpayers must choose either the investment tax credit or the job tax credit. This credit may be applied against 50 percent of tax liability and carried forward for ten years.

Port Tax Credit Bonus - Available to taxpayers who increase imports or exports through a Georgia port by 10 percent over the previous year. The port tax credit bonus can be used with either the Job or the Investment Tax Credit program. Unused credits may be carried forward 10 years.

Port Job Tax Credit Bonus for Job Tax Credits - The port tax credit is a $1,250 per job bonus for taxpayers with qualified increases in shipments through a Georgia port. The $1,250 is added to the job tax credit.

Research and Development Tax Credit - Ten percent of a company's increased qualified research and development expense over its gross receipts may be claimed as a tax credit. Georgia taxpayers must qualify for a research credit under the IRS code to be eligible. Emerging companies can apply the credit to offset their payroll withholding once all other tax liability has been exhausted for their first five (5) years

Centers of Innovation - Georgia provides a number of Centers of Innovation across the state, each supporting a different strategic industry sector, where innovative companies can accelerate their growth by tapping university-sponsored research, university and private sector talent, and other state and private sector resources.

Georgia Tech FaciliTech - Georgia Tech can partner with Georgia companies to offer access to world-class talent and an array of services to help with issues related to process productivity, quality and international standards, energy and environmental management, lean enterprise transformation, trade adjustment assistance, new product design and development, and information technology strategies.